Customer Support

Transfer Fees

Are there ACH Transfer fees?

Coba does not charge any fees for sending or receiving money in the US via ACH transfers from your Coba account.

However, to send same-day ACH transfers, there is a fee of 2 USD.

Are their Fees for a SPEI pay-out?

Coba does not charge a a fixed fee for a SPEI pay-out to an account in Mexico.

Coba will deduct a corresponding USD amount from your Coba Account in order to settle the Mexican Peso SPEI pay-out. The exchange rate for this settlement is determined by Coba and is disclosed to you when you request the SPEI pay-out.

Are there International Wire fees?

Currently, Coba does not offer outbound international wire transfers.

There is a fixed fee of $30 for receiving money in your Coba account via international wire transfers. For instance, when receiving an international wire transfer from a Mexican Bank Account to your Coba account there would be a fixed fee of $30.

Customer Service

How can I contact Coba's customer support?

You can get in contact with us through our official customer service channels:

Phone: +1-737-260-0512 (US), Mon - Fri (9am - 5pm CST) Whatsapp: +1-737-260-0512, Mon - Fri (9am - 5pm CST)

Our customer service team will provide you with any help that you may need! Please remember that we will never contact you to ask for your User ID, passwords, or debit card pin number. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us through our official support channels.

How do I file a complaint?

In order to file a complaint with Coba, please contact our customer experience team using our WhatsApp number: +1-737-260-0512, Mon - Fri (9am CST - 5pm CST) or email us at

You may also contact our banking software provider directly. Bank services are provided through our banking software provider, Synapse. To report a complaint relating to bank services, email or call +1 (415) 688-2943.